The Beauty of Ugly Rags

This is just a quick post about the glory of having a basket of "ugly" rags around. By this I mean, rags you don't care about getting dirty. In fact, getting them dirty brings you joy!

My basket of ugly rags was once a towel. When the towel wore out, I cut it into squares. These are now my go-to rags for anything: wiping down the sink, cleaning the toilet, getting the grime out of the bathroom drain, cleaning up spills. Anything and everything. 

Since the rags were once a towel, and I cut them into roughly 4x4 squares, I have quite a lot of them. I don't worry about running out. In fact, they make me want to clean. They're in their own little bin (this one was I think $7 from Target) and they stay in my laundry room.

Not everything has to be "beautiful" to be perfect! xoxo