Declutter Your Closet Like Marie Kondo: Clothing Categories

Welcome to April! This month's focus is the bedroom. And if you've read Marie Kondo’s book, then you know that clothing is where it all begins. The first category she has anyone declutter is your closet.

You have the whole weekend to do it! Because clothing is the first category, I think of it like the training wheels category. You learn how to figure out what brings you joy. You start to learn how to let go. Because it brings up a lot of questions, I'm going to devote a couple posts to it.

But for those who want to just jump in, here are the categories:

  1. Tops

  2. Bottoms

  3. Stuff that hangs (suits, dresses, jackets, coats, etc)

  4. Socks

  5. Underwear

  6. Bags

  7. Accessories (belts, hats, etc)

  8. Clothes for events (swimsuits, costumes, etc)

  9. Shoes

Before You Begin

Before you dive into decluttering, do this first:

  1. Pick out an outfit that you love that makes you feel like your best self.

  2. Put on the outfit.

  3. Fix your hair.

  4. Put on your makeup.

Why should you do this?

Because this is how you should feel in all of your clothing. You want to start from the top so you know what it feels like to wear something you love. That way, when you begin sorting through your clothing you have your current outfit to compare it to.

How To Declutter

It's less important to figure out if something's a top or if it's something that hangs, and more important to just give it your full attention.

  1. Gather all the clothes that fall into the first category (tops) and put it in one pile.

  2. Pick up one item. One item only.

  3. Ask yourself, Does this bring me joy?

  4. If it does, put it in the Keep pile.

  5. If it doesn't, thank it for all it did for you, then place it in the To Go pile.

  6. Move on to the next piece until you've gone through the entire pile.

  7. Put away your Keep pile.

  8. Put your To Go pile into a bag or box.

  9. Move on to the next category.

I'll post some FAQs and troubleshooting tomorrow. Until then, happy Friday! And happy decluttering!