Declutter Your Bathroom: How to Tidy Hair Products

Let's just dive right in with the first category: hair products.

Be Honest

If you think about it, you already know what products you love because you use them everyday. You may have a swath of other "fun" things surrounding your daily go-to products. So, for those items, be honest, have you used any of them in the past year?

Keep what you love, and make space by passing on those other items.

Contain Yourself

If you give yourself a designated container or tray that's just for your hair products, it will help you keep your products honed. Here are some ideas:

  • Special tray just for your daily hair products

  • Small dish for things you like to put in your hair

  • Beautiful vase or holder for your brush or comb

  • Perfectly sized bin for your hair dryer or curler, or other hair appliances

To Hide or Not To Hide

I prefer to keep the counter spaces everywhere in my home as clear as possible. It brings me a sense of peace. Depending on your particular space it may, or may not, make sense for you to hide everything under the sink or in a cupboard.

My suggestion about decor, particularly in the bathroom, is to keep it as simple and as clutter-free as possible. It will make cleaning that much easier. Since the mixture of moisture and dust builds up more in the bathroom, having less things out for all of that to land on and build up the better.

However, if you have a beautiful tray or a beautiful dish to hold your jewelry or hair products that makes you happy just to see, then go for it.