How to Tidy Your Komono (aka Everything Else You Own) with the KonMari Method

Kimono is a piece of clothing as we know. But komono is Japanese for “miscellaneous.” And, right about here is where I stopped finding help on the interwebs as I was decluttering. There are a lot of blogs and videos about sorting and organizing your clothes and books, but then… kuh-crickets.

You’re sort of shoved into the deep end of a Stuff Puddle with just one floatie.

What’s komono?

Komono is everything you own that isn’t clothes or books or sentimental. So, basically the majority of your belongings.

How do we do this?

Marie Kondo gives us a list of the “proper order” for komono sorting in her book:

  • CDs and DVDs

  • Skin care products

  • Makeup

  • Accessories

  • Valuables

  • Electrical equipment and appliances

  • Household equipment

  • Household supplies

  • Kitchen goods and food supplies

  • Other random shizz

But on the TV show, she just cuts everyone loose to tackle everything. Which I think I like better than trying to figure out what category things go in. After all, the less brain-strain, the better.

Komono tips

Some ideas to tackle komono:

  • Start in a corner of a room

  • Pick a cupboard

  • Start in the garage

  • Group 10 items together, then KonMari them 1-by-1

This is the biggest category. Frankly, it’s a mega-category. But the same principles apply as KonMari’ing any other category. Just like clothes:

  • Pick one thing up

  • See if it sparks joy, or as she says on the show, Can you see it as part of your new future?

  • Keep or discard

Happy Tidying!


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