How to Tidy the Boring Categories

Decluttering is exhilarating! Of course it is. You have more space, you feel accomplished, and your favorite things are more concentrated. But let’s face it. There are some categories that are sexier than others. Decluttering your closet? Sexier than decluttering under the sink. You’ll feel good just the same, but sometimes it’s difficult to feel motivated when it’s time to declutter, say, your plastic bags.

Tips to Declutter Even the Boring Categories

Commit to completing 2 items on the checklist a day

If you’ve got your checklist, and there are some great ones online that others have done, such as this free printable checklist, commit to crossing off at least 2 things a day. You’ll find it becomes addictive.

I often couldn’t wait to get home so I could continue down the checklist. There’s something very satisfying about crossing things off!

Set a timer

Some of the “boring” categories may not take you long at all to do them. You just have to do them. So, give yourself 10 minutes, or 15, and just get it done.

You’ll probably find you spent more time procrastinating than what it will wind up taking you to declutter those plastic bags.

Little steps add up. One day you’ll find you’ve decuttered your entire house!


Cover photo: Stephen Oliver