But I'm not on TV! How to Tidy without Marie Kondo

Marie’s tiny frame lights up the room as she walks into her client’s homes. She breezes in with a quiet sense of purpose and peace. In essence, she embodies exactly what we are all after: peace and calm and tidiness.

But what if we don’t have Marie sweeping into our caves of messy on a weekly basis? How do we get the same result as her clients on the show?

  1. Hire a consultant who knows Marie Kondo’s process to guide you, or

  2. Get a friend to do it with you, and

  3. Dedicate some time each day to completing the process.

Hire a consultant

Marie Kondo has a certification process, so it is possible to find a “certified” Marie Kondo consultant. There are also non-Marie-Kondo-certified home organizing consultants, such as myself, who are passionate about guiding others in the process.

But, this isn’t the only way.


Buddy up!

Just like they say when it comes to exercise, if you have someone you’re accountable to, you’re far more likely to stick with your goals. Enlist a friend or family member, or both! The more the merrier.

Check in with each other.

Be there for each other’s ups and downs.

You don’t have to live close by although it can be nice to go to each other’s homes for moral support, and maybe extra hands hauling stuff away.


Do you have 10 minutes?

What’s nice about Marie’s system is that it is a system. Which takes the guess work (as much as possible anyway) out of decluttering your home.

Start with your clothes, and even if you don’t get through all of them in one go, you know where to pick things up (literally) the next day.

Just 10 minutes a day will get you there.

How are things going?

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