Tips to Drive the Laundry Blues Away

You pull a staticky mass of towels and jeans and shirts and “stuff” from the dryer plunk it into a bin. This pile contains things that “spark joy,” but right now, like this, they aren’t so “spark-y.” Now, they’re something else. A chore!

The Dark Side of Tidying is Keeping Things Tidy

When it comes to “chores” I’m still a work-in-progress. I’m great at decluttering and organizing, but it takes some time to get there. And then, keeping it that way. I still sink into slobovian culture where one piece of mail on the counter turns into a piece of mail plus a pen, then...

It’s kind of like being a work of art made out of frozen spaghetti. Starts out great, then slowly melts into a pile of mush. How’s that for an image?

Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you can enjoy feeling superior to my slovenly leanings.

Sort it out

No matter how you spin it (no pun intended), laundry is still laundry is still a chore. Like a little kid, I have to sugarcoat things for myself, or try to make things fun, otherwise I continue sitting in the center of a growing pile of clutter around me.

What helps me with laundry? Sorting.

Sorting my clothes from everything else helps me tackle the big pile.

It’s almost like taking the rocks out of the mountain. I have little foothills now, which are psychologically easier to deal with.

So if laundry is still not your greatest joy and you find yourself justifying wearing the same thing 10 days in a row rather than wash it, give this a try! It’s not as entertaining as dressing up your cat and posting the photos to Instagram, but it makes laundry a little more manageable in my opinion.

More hands = more help. Duh!

Laundry is a fact of life. Like taxes. We all have to do it or deal with it in some way. Unless you can afford not to but even then, you’ll still funk up clothes just like everyone else and there will continue to be laundry.

So, why not let your kids in on this fun fact of life? That the clothes we like wearing will also transform into an unrecognizable beast called Laundry, or Lavandería in Spanish, or 세탁 in Korean (at least, that’s what Google told me).

Helping fold their own laundry gives them ownership of their things. These are their clothes.

Depending on their age, sort their clothes into reasonably-sized piles. You can always build it up bigger over time. The point is to try and make it fun (if you can, I mean, it IS still laundry):

  • Make it into a game.

  • Play their favorite music.

  • Try to race each other if that’s fun for them.

*I also don’t have kids so feel free to completely ignore this if you are a parent!

Bribery still works

I use it on myself often. No judgment if you employ this tactic also.

How do you laundry?

What do you think? Do you like to tackle the big pile and be done as soon as possible, or does sorting help you out?