Tidy Your Makeup for Health and Happiness

This category for me was a strange one because don't use a lot of makeup on a regular basis. However, it's one of those categories that can accumulate products over the years. It's for those "special occasions" you might have an excess of makeup. I had an entire palette of eye shadow colors, eye shadow brushes, bronzers, lip sticks, mascaras. All for that one potential special night.

Follow the Rules

For this category, the same rules apply as the ones for hair products:

  1. Be honest with yourself about which items you actually use - and which items you WANT to use (for those special occasions).

  2. Choose an appropriate container or area for your makeup. This will help you reduce the amount if you have a designated space just for makeup.

Everyday vs Special Occasion

Since there are those products you may only plan to use on special occasions, I'm comfortable separating my everyday makeup from the products I'll only grab for special outings. If this system will help you in terms of your space, then I say go for it.

Use It or Lose It

Kind of like those pieces of clothing you've been holding onto for years but have never worn, the same goes for makeup. If you've gone awhile and can't remember the last time you used a certain makeup product or tool, it may be time to let it go. 

Makeup Actually Expires

The last thing I will say about makeup is, especially for anything you've used or opened, it can actually go "bad." It collects bacteria, just like a food product you've opened. And just like a food product that can go bad due to bacteria buildup, which can make you sick, so can bacteria-laden makeup. Here's a makeup cleaning reference guide from AllYou.com about when to toss certain pieces of makeup:

Eye Makeup

  • Mascara: Every 3 months

  • Eye liner: Every 3-6 months

  • Eye shadow (cream): Every year

  • Eye shadow (powder): Every 2 years

Lips & Nails

  • Lip gloss: Every 6 months

  • Lip stick: Every year

  • Nail polish: Every year


  • Makeup sponges: Every month

  • Foundation: Every year

  • Concealer: Every 12 to 18 months

  • Blush: Every 2 years

  • Bronzer: Every 2 years

  • Makeup brushes: 1-5 years