Resolutions: Here We Go!

Since my last post about mapping your desires, I already have 3 resolutions. Have you thought about yours? Small or big, share in the comments!

Here are mine so far:

#1: I want to clean!

Like seriously! I want to have a routine. I’m excited to clean regularly, and do things every week, every day, little bits here and there that keep my home ship-shape. I’ll share some tips I’ve been learning along the way, including a weekly calendar I made based on a suggestion from the FlyLady. Coupled with this desire is the fact that…

#2: I want to live in a home that feels “put together”

Or, the way I keep saying it to myself, “Like an adult lives here.” I feel like I’m good at decluttering, but not the best at putting what I have back together into some sort of cohesive style. It’s a mish-mash. And, no matter where I’ve lived, it never feels like I’ve completely moved in.

So, this resolution, combined with cleaning, is about putting things together. Like putting the puzzle pieces back, and removing any dangling, doesn’t-fit-anywhere pieces.

#3: Do what brings me joy!

This one seems obvious, but it was only this week that it really hit me. I was talking with a coworker about her holidays and all the obligations that come with the holidays. She was saying how her family was trying to push everyone to keep up a tradition that nobody really wanted to do anymore, even them. And she said to her parents, “Then why are we doing this if it’s not all about joy?”

It hit me, sort of like one of those sayings you’ve heard over and over, like “Clear as mud,” even said yourself without thinking, until one day you actually hear it. And it suddenly makes so much sense.

Maybe listening to her talk about her commitment to living with joy, and hearing a real-life example of her employing it, was enough for me to hear it. It suddenly made all the sense in the world. So here we go!

Happy almost New Year’s everyone ~