How to Tidy Your Shower and Bathroom

What's in your shower?

Sometimes this space in our bathroom can become almost like another storage facility filled with shampoos and conditioners, bath brushes, soaps, cleansers, razors, toys for toddlers, shaving creams, and any number of other items that find their way here. Many things remain in our shower when they reach that 95% used stage and never leave.

Start With the Empties

For the shower, get rid of those 95% used items first. You know the ones. The ones you tried to use up but replaced with a new bottle you're already using. Or, you've been trying to use it up but the remnants just aren't coming out.

Either fill those almost-empty bottles with a little water and make a point to use up the rest, or go ahead and rinse it out and recycle the bottle if you can.

Whittle Away

Now that you've gotten rid of the empties or near-empties, it's time to narrow your supplies to the things you actually use. What do you use regularly? What did you use this week?

Those are your essentials.

For those other specialty items, give them a space outside of the shower. Either somewhere nearby you can reach, or somewhere else that makes sense. If it's something you use only occasionally, you likely know ahead of time you're going to use it. Maybe?

To Really Tidy or Not

Marie Kondo's method of living means that you don't keep anything in the shower. All shower items are kept outside of the shower when not in use.

That can look like a tray of your supplies placed next to the shower where you can reach them, or in something like a shower caddy you take in and out of the shower with you.

I attempted having all of my shower items outside on a tray where I could reach them. What I enjoyed about this was the spectacular cleanliness and austerity of having nothing in the shower. What I didn't like was having these items out. It made my space seem cluttered.

My compromise in the end was to purchase an over-the-shower caddy that fit just a few items: shampoo, conditioner, and a soap rack. I keep nothing resting anywhere in the shower to cause any residue or buildup. I personally find this setup to be the most clean and clutter-free way to organize the shower.

The smaller caddy forces me to use just the essentials. It also forces me to want to use up all the bottles because there's no room for extras. 

Danielle KlenakComment