Take Note: Organizing Lists and Thoughts

As it typically happens, whenever I launch into a big project, something happens that derails my momentum. This week I was sick for 5 days. I managed to declutter the fridge and freezer, but today had to be a rest day. In other words, I did pretty much nothing as far as decluttering goes.

If this happens to you too, don't panic!

Taking a much needed rest day is perfectly acceptable. After all, this should be a challenging yet enjoyable undertaking. Do a couple categories a day and you'll get there.

If You Do Nothing Else Today, Do This!

The checklist for the kitchen may be overwhelming, which is why if you do nothing else today, get a notebook! And a pen! Doesn't need to be anything fancy.

This will be your decluttering notebook. A place to write out your checklist, and cross things off as you go.

Once you've decluttered and crossed off everything on the checklist, you'll then have a place to write out any organizing ideas and tools you think could come in handy. I urge you not to run out and buy any organizing tools or items until after you've decluttered.

As you start to rebuild,  post-decluttering, this notebook will also come in handy to write down things that bother you about certain parts of the kitchen that you don't know what to do with yet.

This notebook will go a long way toward helping you get to the kitchen of your dreams. It's the little things that crop up. Writing down those "bogs" will help you find a solution. Kind of like when you can't think of something but you know it's in your memory banks? Your brain actually works in the background on problems as you go through your day. Which is why out of the blue the answer pops into your head when you're not consciously thinking about it.

Hope you are all doing wonderful! If you need help, I made a new Facebook group. Feel free to post any questions, triumphs, before-and-after photos. Whatever you like. This should be a supportive community for all of us! xoxo

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