Tidy Your Entryway: The Gateway to Your Home

Here's to a work in progress! Where to begin, where to start?

Write Out Your Categories

Get out your notebook and take a look at the categories housed in your entryway (if any). I looked at my shelves and my storage space in the entryway and wrote down all the categories I could see. Most of you probably don't have a weird storage thing in your entryway, but if you do, try to write out what categories are in there:

  • Games

  • Camera and photo equipment

  • Batteries

  • Tools

  • Candles

  • Weights

  • Paper and notebooks

  • Outdoor shoes

  • Sewing machine and iron

  • Coats

  • Vacuum

  • Wrapping paper

  • Paper files

  • Mail

  • Keys

Tidy by Category

Take the rest of the week to do this if you need to. Even two weeks depending on how many things you need to declutter in this area.

Organize For Flow

This is what I started on today. And I have the photos (below) to show this work in progress.

What do I mean when I say to organize for flow? Wherever you notice those "bogs." Those areas where things don't flow very well or you just don't like them, for whatever reason. Something's off about them.

In my case, I tackled the shelving and the closet/storage space. What bothers me the most about this area is that, if I hang any coats on the rail in front, then it's difficult to get to things in the back, like the vacuum cleaner. This bothers me more than having my coats hang on the rack.

Sometimes you'll have to decide what feels more important to you. You might not be able to get everything you want out of your space, but you can make it work for you mostly the way you want.

For now, I moved my coats to my bedroom closet. I'm just going to see how this goes.


Today I tried moving things around, just playing with the space and seeing how things could work if I move something here, another thing there. Try to keep similar things together whenever possible.

Like I said above, I'm just going to see how this goes with the coats. Maybe I'll move one back to the entryway, the coat I use the most for that season, and leave everything else in the bedroom. If people come over I can put hangers there for special occasions.

Here are some of the shifts I made today - and yes, right now, there's some leftover disasters in the hallway :)

Shelving categories resorted

Shelving categories resorted

Storage area/coat rack without the coats

Storage area/coat rack without the coats

Moved the coats to my closet

Moved the coats to my closet

Aftermath of tossing stuff out of the storage area

Aftermath of tossing stuff out of the storage area