What Isn't Working: Mindfulness and Tidying

Mindfulness is the act of being aware, of being conscious of everything around and inside of you. It's the art of paying attention, not only to your own feelings and thoughts, but to what's around you, from smells to colors to shapes.

In our final week, as we come to the end of our first month spent decluttering and organizing the kitchen, here are your final tips. Whether you're already onto the organization phase or still decluttering, keep this in mind as you start putting everything back together.

Pay Attention To What Isn't Working

While we always hope to choose the best kind of organization and decor and be done with it, odds are great this won't be the case. For the most part, you'll have a mixture of both. The parts that do work, the parts you love, are definitely the key to bringing you your cozy, KonMari'd kitchen. 

However, those pieces that don't wind up working are just as important. Remember back to an earlier post where I talked about "bogs"? Those areas where energy gets trapped. And you'll know where they are because these are the places you wish would just go away and not have to deal with.

Unfortunately, even after you've decluttered, and you put everything back into some semblance of organization, you might still create them. It's important to notice them as soon as possible so you can work on a solution.

What About Bog?!

You've already done a tremendous amount of work with cleaning and decluttering and fretting about how to put everything back. It's not fair it can't just be over! However, the bogs will still be there. 

The good news? You don't need to deal with them immediately, you just need to notice them.

I find this helpful as I continue to hone my kitchen space, or any space for that matter:

  1. Write down your bog (what's not working) in your notebook

  2. Try to think of some ideas that might solve the problem. Jot them down.

  3. Put your bog into a sentence someone could understand (if you can), so you can then

  4. Google your problem. Someone else has dealt with your same issue.

  5. Google your solutions (if you came up with those). See what variations are out there.

  6. Let your brain simmer (which it will, in the background - that's what it does).

  7. Wait for lightning to strike before running out and buying something. Unless you feel that bolt of lightning, wait for the right solution to come to you.

It can be hard to wait, knowing there's a problem and you just want to fix it right now, but trust me - you're probably going to find a lot of these. You'll drive yourself crazy if you run out and start buying things that then wind up not being quite right.

Which is why I love writing down what's not working in my notebook. I think it eases my mind to know that it's on my to-do list. I trust it will get done when the time is right and the right solution presents itself. 

How is everyone feeling as we wind down our focus on the kitchen?

Cover photo by Maarten Deckers