Where Are Your Keys? Tidy Your Entryway

Do you know where your keys are? How about your wallet? The critical items you need for your daily life deserve a distinguished home or landing pad.

Most often the entryway is where these things go. 

Give Your Keys A Home

At my house, my keys go inside a beautiful ceramic bowl. Giving something a beautiful container will entice you to use it.

If you have more than one person in your household, can each person's keys have their own home? Maybe decorative bowls, or those cute tabletop drawers, or hooks where they go? Get creative!

Give Your Wallet A Home

Next to your keys, your wallet holds a solid place in your life. It too needs a space. 

Many people avoid taking their wallet out of their bag at the end of the day, which I totally understand. It's annoying. If that's the case, then whatever houses your wallet still needs a space.

I used to have a small tray for my wallet and I'd take it out everyday. Lately, I've been leaving it in my purse. But, my purse has its own space in a cubby right below where my keys live.

The danger of this however is, if you use a different bag that day, you run the risk of forgetting to grab your wallet from the other bag. Which I have done.

So, with our focus on the entryway, I'm going to revisit another tactic for where my wallet should go. I plan to put a tray next to my purse for my wallet. This way I'll get into the habit of knowing where my wallet is should I need to use a different bag that day.

Make It Beautiful

However you choose to house your keys and wallet, make it beautiful. Functional yes, but also beautiful. You'll get into the habit of putting your keys and wallet away much faster.