konmari 101

"Konmari" is actually more of a "who." It's Marie Kondo's method, a Japanese tidying consultant and author of the book, The Magical Art of Tidying. In her book, she explains her method of tidying - a system of tidying by category, and keeping only things that "spark joy."

what is konmari?


how to konmari

Step 1

Think about your ideal life. If you could live in your perfect space, what would it be? How would it feel? Think of colors, textures, moods. Be specific.

Step 2

Get familiar with, “What sparks joy?”

Tidy by category:

  1. Clothes

    Put every piece of clothing you own into one big pile.

step 3

Let go of those things that don’t feed into your future. What do you want to bring with you as you organize your new life?

step 4

Live your new tidy life.

So, it’s that simple! And not so simple. But that’s why I created this blog.

We are all different. We all approach our “things” differently, but we are all so identical in our desire to live a joyful life. We all want to feel comfortable and confident in our homes, and in our ability to maintain our homes and our lives. But it can be a struggle. We all struggle to keep things clean, and tidy, and simple. That’s where KonMari comes in.

Where to start

It’s up to you where to begin, but I recommend starting with one of these two:

  1. Marie Kondo’s book, The Magical Art of Tidying; or

  2. Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show, “Tidying;” then

  3. Use this blog to get you going and answer questions that come up: