The Art of Tidying

With this year’s Netflix show, Marie Kondo brought her method of tidying to celebrity status. Now learn how to apply her method on your own.

Marie Kondo


Step 1

Think about your ideal life. If you could live in your perfect space, what would it be? How would it feel? Think of colors, textures, moods. Be specific.

Step 2

Get familiar with, “What brings me joy?”

Tidy by category:

  1. Clothes

    Put every piece of clothing you own into one big pile.

step 3

Let go of those things that don’t feed into your future. What do you want to bring with you as you organize your new life?

step 4

Live your new tidy life.

So, it’s that simple! And not so simple. But that’s why I created this blog.

We are all different. We all approach our “things” differently, but we are all so identical in our desire to live a joyful life. We all want to feel comfortable and confident in our homes, and in our ability to maintain our homes and our lives. But it can be a struggle. We all struggle to keep things clean, and tidy, and simple. That’s where KonMari comes in.

Where to start

It’s up to you where to begin, but I recommend starting with one of these two:

  1. Marie Kondo’s book, The Magical Art of Tidying; or

  2. Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show, “Tidying;” then

  3. Use this blog to get you going and answer questions that come up: