Greetings from Homeownership Havoc

Hello all you WeKonDoIt’s!

I’ve been radio silent for quite awhile now and that’s because I have some news!!!

I bought a house!

These aren’t my boxes, but pretty close!

These aren’t my boxes, but pretty close!

Marie Kondo doesn’t exist when the movers will be here tomorrow

While I foolishly thought I would give myself plenty of time to organize and declutter before moving in, that totally didn’t happen. Instead, I’m writing to you from the second place in my new house where you can actually sit. I’m surrounded by clutter, and tools, half-done house projects, and general chaos. Not to mention my garage is still filled with my boxes that I have yet to move into the rest of the house.

Suffice it to say, this blog may be expanding beyond just tidying the Marie Kondo way. I’ve been grappling with changing the name of the blog and the website, or just leave it and add more categories like:

  • Homebuying as a single lady.

  • DIY projects for a homeowning lady with not a lot of money.

  • Home ownership how-to’s.

  • Etcetera.

Washing machine that attacked my car

This is going to turn into more of a blog-diary-guide in my homeowning experience and general life before I can even get back to tidying the Marie Kondo way. I have a lot to tell you about my homebuying journey and the adventures I’ve been on since I’ve moved in, for instance the:

  • Washing machine that attacked my car.

  • $1500 pizza.

  • Levitating mice.

  • Four-crowbar sliding glass door.

Just to name a few of the experiences I’ve had thus far.

Stay tuned! Hope you all are well!

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