Inviting Gratitude to Your Home and Your Life

With just a few more days left in February, and because I woefully neglected writing more posts about the entryway than anticipated, I want to wrap it up with a short focus on gratitude. While February has been a difficult month, I got the idea to make something in my entryway I'm calling The Gratitude Wall.

Whenever things get difficult, it helps to focus on the positive, even if they are small. Having something visual that you see everyday can only help remind you of the positives in your life.

Make Your Own Gratitude Wall

I made mine out of a piece of foam board and a couple nails. I keep this sticky pad next to it on the shelf with a pen to remind myself to write things down. When the board gets full, I move the notes to a stack. Maybe I'll keep them - maybe I'll recycle them. I know, more clutter, but I'll take it since the benefit right now far outweighs the addition of a little clutter.

Plus, your entryway sets the tone for the personality of your home. How do you want to guests to feel when they arrive? Do you want to exude warmth, or elegance, or a carefree spirit? 

How do you want to feel when you walk through the door?

What are some other ways you've found to invite more warmth and kindness into your life? What's something you can do right now to remind yourself of something positive? 

Things do get better. Little steps at a time.



Cover photo by Rosie Kerr and Unsplash